Indian graduates are very much appreciated worldwide, and even more so in the US and in Europe. Especially graduates from India in IT-related studies are in great demand, but also those with MBA and other commercial and economic degrees will find job opportunities or openings for further academic study abroad if they can communicate well. Communication is the key to overcoming cultural barriers and to see doors of opportunity open.

A first impression is vital to success in applying for a job or enlisting for higher education abroad! A motivational letter or resume with bad spelling can ruin a job opportunity or admission to a college or university overseas. As would a thesis which does not comply with the basic demand for correct spelling and good language usage. And how can one  be confident to deliver academic papers in good English when even the curriculum-handouts and website texts of  ones faculty are flawed? Not to speak of the language performance of lecturers and professors in many colleges and universities.

At we have been helping graduates to overcome these limitations so that their academic achievements can be displayed, unhampered by the language barrier. It is our passion to let students do what they do best. All of the students we have been able to help in the last five years of our correction service have graduated on their own merits, because they have allowed us to correct the texts that brought their academic achievements to light.

Thesis-Correction-Service offers affordable textual correction of your thesis and all related documents. Please feel free to contact us by using the contact form . You can also mail us at for a quotation.

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